there is a tongue that we speak in
no one else got the meaning 

Taylor Schilling by Randall Slavin. (x) (x)

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Last year was child’s play.

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MCU ladies of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Roast swan. That’s amusing. You’ll get that later.

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Standing over the dragon’s eggs that Illyrio had given her when she wed. She touched one, the largest of the three, running her hand lightly over the shelf. Black-and-scarlet, she thought, like the dragon in my dream. The stone felt strangely warm beneath her fingers… or was she still dreaming?


i hate it when people shit on others’ excitement. like “hey! i got a new computer!” “that’s nice, but mine’s better” or “hey! i finally killed that guy that’s been bugging me for weeks!” “what the fuck i’m calling the police” unbelievable.

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